August 7-10, 2022. SEC Glasgow, Scotland.


Poster NumberFirst NameLast NamePoster TitleThemeSession
P01EdouardMillsReproductive Hormone Secretion is Increased by Intranasal Kisspeptin Administration in Healthy Volunteers and Hypogonadal Patients1. ReproductionPoster Session 1
P02CharlesLe CicléTwo pro-neuronal NEUROD1/4 transcription factors regulate gonadotrope cell adhesion and motility through NTRK3-Src signaling pathway.1. ReproductionPoster Session 1
P03IreneSucquartAndrogen signalling in GABA neurons is not linked to PCOS traits in a mouse model1. ReproductionPoster Session 1
P04ClarisseQuignonThyroid hormones T3 as a neuromodulator of GnRH cells activity1. ReproductionPoster Session 1
P05LaylaThurstonKisspeptin Improves Sexual Brain Processing in Women with Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder1. ReproductionPoster Session 1
P06JunruYuCRF neurone activation in the hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus disrupts ovarian cyclicity in mice1. ReproductionPoster Session 1
P07HaileySchultzRepression of murine luteinizing hormone ß subunit transcription by ZEB11. ReproductionPoster Session 1
P08BrettRalstonEpigenetic Regulation of Dgcr8 Inhibits Biogenesis of PTTG1 Targeting miRNAs 300/329 in Lactotrope Cells1. ReproductionPoster Session 1
P09Siew HoongYipChemogenetic activation of TIDA neurones induces dopamine release during lactation in rats1. ReproductionPoster Session 1
P10DavidLyonsGastrin Releasing Peptide regulates the discharge pattern of rat neuroendocrine dopamine neurons1. ReproductionPoster Session 1
P11KonstantinaChachlakiNitric Oxide deficiency linking a defective minipuberty to the appearance of comorbidities: new therapeutic possibilities1. ReproductionPoster Session 1
P12GauravMajumdarSemi-natural photoperiodic exposure reveals novel molecular and neuronal responses in quail hypothalamus1. ReproductionPoster Session 1
P13LydieNauleWhat role does minipuberty play in the organization of hypothalamic circuits underlying female reproductive function?1. ReproductionPoster Session 1
P15CristinaSaenz de MieraGlutamatergic signalling in the Ventral Premammillary Nucleus mediates leptin action on the reproductive axis1. ReproductionPoster Session 1
P16SoniaOuerdiImpact of sex hormones versus sex chromosomes on brain structure1. ReproductionPoster Session 1
P17Muhammad RahmadRoyanInteraction between day length and steroid feedback in regulating gonadotropes in the teleost fish, medaka1. ReproductionPoster Session 1
P18RodrigoCarrascoBiodistribution of nerve growth factor (NGF) using positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) in llamas1. ReproductionPoster Session 1
P19Juan ManuelCastellanoHypothalamic ER stress: Bridging the gaps between altered pubertal timing and obesity1. ReproductionPoster Session 1
P20DelphineFranssenTransgenerational impact of EDC exposure on reproductive and metabolic functions in adult rats1. ReproductionPoster Session 1
P21KarenTonsfeldtKiss1 and Kiss1R have sexually dimorphic expression in the periaqueductal gray.2. BehaviourPoster Session 1
P22LeiGuoDistinct oxytocin and corticotropin-releasing hormone system activities of bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder patients2. BehaviourPoster Session 1
P23ViníciusOliveiranNOS neurons within the ventromedial hypothalamus (VMHvl) regulate social behaviors in a sex-specific manner2. BehaviourPoster Session 1
P25EdouardMillsKisspeptin Administration Increases Penile Tumescence and Sexual Brain Processing in Men with Low Sexual Desire2. BehaviourPoster Session 1
P26LalithadeviMallarapuEffect of Estrogen receptor a (ERa) gene polymorphisms in maternal behavior in mice2. BehaviourPoster Session 1
P27PhilippineLemoineRapid control of male sexual behavior by membrane estrogen receptor alpha in mice2. BehaviourPoster Session 1
P28NoeliaMartinez SanchezBud23: a novel regulator of cellular and systemic energy balance3. MetabolismPoster Session 1
P29NuriaLlontop LopezHigh-fat-high-sugar diet alters hypothalamic mitochondrial function associated with changes in Mecp2 expression before weight gain3. MetabolismPoster Session 1
P30RobertHansfordThe role of GIP receptor signalling in oligodendrocytes in the response to incretin receptor agonism3. MetabolismPoster Session 1
P31IrisStoltenborgTRAPing ghrelin-activated circuits: TRAP2 mice as a tool for studying hormone-sensitive neural circuits3. MetabolismPoster Session 1
P32CortinaCHENIdentification of obesity-associated genes enriched in human iPSC-derived POMC neurons3. MetabolismPoster Session 1
P33AmineBelfoulMaternal Low-Calorie Sweeteners Consumption Rewires Hypothalamic Melanocortin Circuits via a Gut Microbial co-metabolite Pathway3. MetabolismPoster Session 1
P34RachelLippertThalamic Melanocortin 3 Receptor: Neuroanatomy and Response to Fasting3. MetabolismPoster Session 1
P35LauraKuczynski-NoyauThe extracellular matrix, a new player in the central response to blood-borne metabolic hormones3. MetabolismPoster Session 1
P36NoeliaDi GiorgioLack of GABABR in Kiss1 cells alters metabolism that worsens with age in male mice.3. MetabolismPoster Session 1
P37MartinaSassiGHSR expressing neurones within the rostral dentate gyrus regulate hippocampal neurogenesis in adult mice.3. MetabolismPoster Session 1
P38NedaRafieiChemogenetic activation of NPY neurons in the hypothalamus, but not the amygdala, regulates macronutrient preference 3. MetabolismPoster Session 1
P39FranciscoDiaz-CastroInsulin regulates food intake, the respiratory quotient and induces mitochondrial dynamics in hypothalamic neurons3. MetabolismPoster Session 1
P40AlannaThomasAnalysis of plasma ghrelin using mass spectrometry3. MetabolismPoster Session 1
P41SimranChopraDEP-1 is a Potential Novel Modulator of Neuronal Insulin Signalling3. MetabolismPoster Session 1
P42MariaChukanovaIdentifying genes involved in the food intake control through murine and human hypothalamic studies.3. MetabolismPoster Session 1
P43AlexandreCaronAdrenergic control of hepatic metabolism3. MetabolismPoster Session 1
P44CharlotteSeftonGlucocorticoids decrease POMC and aMSH in the MBH in parallel with increased food intake3. MetabolismPoster Session 1
P45RandrielyMerscher Sobreira de LimaLiver Leptin Receptor Gene Network Interacts with Early Life Adversity to Program Mental Health Problems3. MetabolismPoster Session 1
P46IsadoraFurigoProgrammed hypothalamic mir-505-5p expression in the obese mothers' offspring may impact fatty acid sensing mechanisms.3. MetabolismPoster Session 1
P47OphélieHanotLiver-Brain avis :The role of the hepatic Estrogen receptor alpha in the energy homeostasis3. MetabolismPoster Session 1
P48SoorajNairERG channel controls corticotroph excitability of male and female murine corticotrophs4. StressPoster Session 1
P49MarioZetterVasopressin acts as a synapse organizer by boosting PSD95 and GluA1 expression4. StressPoster Session 1
P50MichaelEmmersonLow parent care enhances sexual behaviour and lowers amygdala glucocorticoid processing in female zebra finches4. StressPoster Session 1
P52YassineBentefourPostnatal exposure to chronic stress differentially affects sexual behavior in female versus male mice4. StressPoster Session 1
P53Rebecca A.MaddenA novel rat double-hit model: post-mortem MRI and behavioural findings4. StressPoster Session 1
P54HongTanBipolar mood changes via oxytocin activation in mice: implication to mood disorders4. StressPoster Session 1
P55PaulineCamposNeuroendocrine regulation of ACTH vesicle secretion in corticotroph cells.4. StressPoster Session 1
P56MajaLozicSalt loading reduces osmoresponsiveness in magnocellular neurones in vivo5. Fluid/sodium balancePoster Session 1
P57IoannisViolarisA mathematical model for the temporal dynamics of the hypothalamic – pituitary – adrenal axis6. Timing/CircadianPoster Session 1
P58LukaszChrobokRhythmic modulation of the hindbrain clock by prokineticin 26. Timing/CircadianPoster Session 1
P59Timothy AdamLiddlePhotoperiodic Programming of Juvenile Japanese Quail Development6. Timing/CircadianPoster Session 1
P60TakashiMiyataAggregation and degradation of mutant protein within the endoplasmic reticulum of vasopressin neurons7. NeurohypophysisPoster Session 1
P61AlejandraAbeledo MachadoImpact of Dopamine D2 and Bradykinin B2 receptors interaction. Preliminary study in human pituitary adenomas7. NeurohypophysisPoster Session 1
P62MatthewKirchnerActivation and fine-tuning of Ca2+-dependent slow afterhyperpolarizations by Ca2+-handling organelles in vasopressin magnocellular neurosecretory neurons7. NeurohypophysisPoster Session 1
P63AliceWilliamsonMC3R links nutritional state to childhood growth and the timing of puberty8. DevelopmentPoster Session 1
P64MattHigginsThe distribution of leptin receptor expressing cells in the developing mouse hypothalamus8. DevelopmentPoster Session 1
P65Vebjorn JacobsenMelumExtensive and divergent changes in tanycyte phenotype in response to gestational photoperiod8. DevelopmentPoster Session 1
P66JingZhengGestational Low Dose Bisphenol A Exposure Disrupts the Development of Hypothalamic Vasopressinergic System in Mice8. DevelopmentPoster Session 1
P250Claire-DominiqueWalkerStress in early life alters neurodevelopmental milestones and motor development in rat pups4. StressPoster Session 1
P67VirginiaDelliThe KiNG of reproduction: Kisspeptin/nNOS interaction shaping hypothalamic GnRH release1. ReproductionPoster Session 2
P68YugoWatanabePrenatal androgenization causes lifelong changes in androgen receptor expression in the female mice arcuate nucleus1. ReproductionPoster Session 2
P69EncarnacionTorresKisspeptin signaling in astrocytes centrally modulates the reproductive axis1. ReproductionPoster Session 2
P70MayukoNagaeKNDy neurons maintain gonadotropin pulses and folliculogenesis as the GnRH pulse generator1. ReproductionPoster Session 2
P71HitomiTsuchidaInvolvement of central dynorphin and ß-endorphin signaling in glucoprivic LH pulse suppression and gluconeogenesis/feeding1. ReproductionPoster Session 2
P72CarolineDecourtAndrogen receptors deletion from kisspeptin neurons can prevent PCOS features in a letrozole mouse model.1. ReproductionPoster Session 2
P73AmandaGibsonDoes early-life stress alter disruption of the luteinizing hormone surge by acute stress in adults?1. ReproductionPoster Session 2
P74RajaeTalbiArcuate Kiss1 neurons mediate melanocortin action on energy expenditure in male mice.1. ReproductionPoster Session 2
P75DeliaRamirezEffect of Dnmt3a knockout in suprachiasmatic AVP neurons on ovarian cycle and fertility in mice.1. ReproductionPoster Session 2
P76CatherineDe BournonvilleHormonal contraceptives decrease sexual motivation and odor-induced neural activation in female mice1. ReproductionPoster Session 2
P77CharlotteJacquinetGPR151, a G protein-coupled receptor, is a potential regulator of GnRH neurons1. ReproductionPoster Session 2
P78JakeAhernSpontaneous and GRP-evoked activity in the rat tuberoinfundibular dopaminergic network and adjacent mediobasal hypothalamus.1. ReproductionPoster Session 2
P79EvaRumplerA versatile LCM/RNA-seq method for differential expression analysis of fluorescently-tagged cholinergic neuron populations1. ReproductionPoster Session 2
P80ArinolaSanyaoluImmunohistochemical: Expression Profile of Matrix Gla Protein (MGP) in the Seminiferous Tubules of Sprague-Dawley Rats.1. ReproductionPoster Session 2
P81JenniferJaimeGnRH neuron excitability and action potential properties are altered with development and prenatal androgenization1. ReproductionPoster Session 2
P83SzabolcsTakacsDevelopmental profile of murine kisspeptin neuron transcriptome sheds new light onto molecular mechanism of puberty1. ReproductionPoster Session 2
P84GaëtanTernierSee the whole picture: 3D imaging of the embryonic and adult GnRH system in mice1. ReproductionPoster Session 2
P85LudovicaCotellessaDefective Notch1/Jag1 signaling impacts GnRH development and contributes to hypogonadotropic hypogonadism1. ReproductionPoster Session 2
P86ChrystianPhillipsA role for hypothalamic astrocytes in neural circuits controlling reproduction1. ReproductionPoster Session 2
P87ElviraRodríguez-VázquezExploring the role of hypothalamic lipid sensing in the metabolic regulation of puberty onset1. ReproductionPoster Session 2
P88KatalinSkrapitsDeep transcriptome profiling of peptidergic neurons from formalin-fixed postmortem human hypothalami1. ReproductionPoster Session 2
P89RenéePoelmanIntra-nasal delivery of ghrelin mimetics to mice is orexigenic.2. BehaviourPoster Session 2
P90ArthurLefevreAn oxytocin-sensitive cortical circuit facilitating sociability of female rats2. BehaviourPoster Session 2
P91MarieHebertNest building and circulating testosterone and 17ß-estradiol in an opportunistic breeder, the zebra finch 2. BehaviourPoster Session 2
P92BradleyJamiesonA neural circuit for prepubertal alloparenting2. BehaviourPoster Session 2
P93HimekaHayashiVasopressin and oxytocin receptors differentially regulate sexual receptivity and proceptivity in female mice2. BehaviourPoster Session 2
P94VitoHernandezAVP-PACAP glutamatergic pathways cooperate for pro-social behavior under osmotic challenge through the cortical amygdala2. BehaviourPoster Session 2
P96DanielaFernandoisEstradiol-mediated activation of ERa in tanycytes modulates leptin transport into the hypothalamus and energy homeostasis3. MetabolismPoster Session 2
P97NatalieMichaelMelanocortin-sensitive Histaminergic Neurons Regulate Feeding3. MetabolismPoster Session 2
P99CristinaSilva-VarelaMecp2 regulates energy homeostasis and the expression of hypothalamic miRNAs through an epigenetic feedback loop3. MetabolismPoster Session 2
P100STEPHANELEONSingle-cell mapping of POMC neurons in obesity reveals novel subtypes with ‘atypical’ identity3. MetabolismPoster Session 2
P101Yu-TingHuSex difference in ß-amyloid and its interference with early growth response 1 in Alzheimer's disease3. MetabolismPoster Session 2
P103JasmineVideloGut-Brain Axis: Neuronal characterization of portal glucose sensing3. MetabolismPoster Session 2
P105KimberlyMakThe role of microRNAs in bisphenol A-mediated regulation of neuropeptide Y and neuronatin3. MetabolismPoster Session 2
P106WenyuanHeEvidence that STAT3 is a negative transcriptional regulator of NPY in mouse-NPY/AgRP immortalized hypothalamic neurons.3. MetabolismPoster Session 2
P107EleonoraDeligiaA role for AMPK in the control of tanycytic leptin shuttles?3. MetabolismPoster Session 2
P108GeorginaDowsettCharacterisation of cells expressing GLP1R and GIPR in the mouse and human CNS.3. MetabolismPoster Session 2
P109JohnKincaidThe gut is a major contributor to the metformin-induced GDF15 response3. MetabolismPoster Session 2
P110FatimaTimzouraLRP2 function in the control of leptin transport by hypothalamic tanycytes3. MetabolismPoster Session 2
P111CalvinLieuThe effect of cytokinin and purine signaling in hypothalamic NPY/AgRP neuronal models.3. MetabolismPoster Session 2
P112Anna-MariaSiegertMolecular characterization of genes associated with severe obesity identified from consanguineous pedigrees3. MetabolismPoster Session 2
P113ChloéTezenas Du MontcelThe ghrelin/LEAP-2 ratio: a metabolic sensor of chronic undernutrition in anorexia nervosa?3. MetabolismPoster Session 2
P114NerujaLoganathanGeneration and characterization of immortalized pancreatic cells and hypothalamic neurons from human induced-pluripotent stem cells3. MetabolismPoster Session 2
P115IreneCiminoThe neuroendocrine effects of GDF154. StressPoster Session 2
P116RubyVAJARIAInvestigating estrogen-mediated neuroprotection after a hypoxic insult in the medial prefrontal cortex of male mice.4. StressPoster Session 2
P117KarenMifsudCorticosteroid receptors distinctly target neuroplasticity and ciliary genes in the rat hippocampus4. StressPoster Session 2
P118JuliaSunstrumDivergent electrophysiological and morphological properties of hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus neurons between the marmoset and mouse4. StressPoster Session 2
P119SidneyPereiraGABAergic neurons mediate effects of glucocorticoids on thermoregulation in a sex-dependent manner in gonadectomized mice4. StressPoster Session 2
P120BoonLeeChiamIdentification of Novel Reproductive Neuropeptide, Phoenixin (PNX) in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) Brain.4. StressPoster Session 2
P121IndiaSawyerRFamide-related peptide (RFRP) neurons drive anxiety-like and depression-like behaviours in male mice4. StressPoster Session 2
P122JodieBroganValidating the use of hair cortisol to assess the welfare of African elephants4. StressPoster Session 2
P124ChristopherMarshallDynamics of seasonally driven gene transcription in the preoptic area of Siberian hamsters6. Timing/CircadianPoster Session 2
P125MarineSimonneauxEffect of chronic shift on the daily reproductive rhythms of female mice6. Timing/CircadianPoster Session 2
P126KatieHannaCircadian rhythms in hypothalamic tanycytes6. Timing/CircadianPoster Session 2
P127MitsuhiroYoshimuraEndogenous oxytocin alleviated nociceptive response by altering gene expression in the spinal dorsal horn7. NeurohypophysisPoster Session 2
P130LídiaCantacorpsImpact of lactational metformin on offspring’s growth and hypothalamic neuronal development in mice.8. DevelopmentPoster Session 2
P131MohammadGhasemzadeh HasankolaeiPrenatal exposure to a ‘’real-life” environmental chemical mixture alters expression of metabolic markers in rams8. DevelopmentPoster Session 2
P132VeraPolyakovaPrevalence of type 1 neuroendocrine tumors with autoimmune gastritis. Experience of MCSC named after Loginov8. DevelopmentPoster Session 2
P133LarisaTsapkovaPossibilities of using preoperative material of the thyroid gland, after FTA for diagnosing B-cell neoplasia8. DevelopmentPoster Session 2
P134MarinaFernandezIn-vitro effects of BPA, BP2 and BP3 on cell proliferation in mature GnRH neurons1. ReproductionPoster Session 3
P135RomyKerbusAndrogen actions on AgRP neurons are not a critical driver of the PCOS phenotype1. ReproductionPoster Session 3
P136KokiYamadaHistological analysis of visualized Kiss1 neurons using newly generated Kiss1-Cre rats1. ReproductionPoster Session 3
P137RichardMcCoshRole of the A2 population of norepinephrine neurons in suppression of estrous cycles by undernutrition1. ReproductionPoster Session 3
P138Balazs GergoGoczTranscriptome profiling of kisspeptin cells uncovers estrogen feedback mechanisms1. ReproductionPoster Session 3
P139MichaelPerkinsonIn vivo monitoring of oxytocin neuron activity in freely-behaving, lactating mice1. ReproductionPoster Session 3
P140JordanReadCombined omic analysis revealed autism-linked NLGN3 as gene associated to GnRH neuron development and disease1. ReproductionPoster Session 3
P141JianQiuCharacterization of voltage-gated calcium currents in hypothalamic arcuate Kiss1 neurons in mice1. ReproductionPoster Session 3
P142Sherin AliNawaitoGreywick is a mouse model for GATA4-associated polycystic ovary syndrome1. ReproductionPoster Session 3
P143NadavNeumannDifferential Dopamine D2 Receptor Types Localized in Tilapia Gonadotrophs: Physiological and Molecular Characterization1. ReproductionPoster Session 3
P144Nur SabrinaAbdul BasitThe Effect of Neuroinflammation on Reproductive Neuropeptides in Zebrafish1. ReproductionPoster Session 3
P145ShoNakamuraIdentification of neural cells activated by mating stimulus in female rats1. ReproductionPoster Session 3
P146ElodieDesroziersIdentification of androgen receptor molecular targets in the median preoptic area of male mice.1. ReproductionPoster Session 3
P147JenniferHillThe regulation of reproduction and metabolism by IGF-1 receptor and insulin receptor in Kisspeptin neurons1. ReproductionPoster Session 3
P149EiTerasawaEffects of pulsatile infusion of kisspeptin on puberty in the male monkey: A case report1. ReproductionPoster Session 3
P150YoussefAnouarSELENOT, ER stress and neuroendocrine control of reproduction 1. ReproductionPoster Session 3
P151RenataFrazaoSexually dimorphic modulation of arcuate kisspeptin neurons activity in response to fasting1. ReproductionPoster Session 3
P152RaphaelSzawkaTuberoinfundibular dopaminergic neurons inhibit luteinizing hormone secretion in rats: role in physiological and hyperprolactinemic states1. ReproductionPoster Session 3
P153RichardPietSerotonin excites preoptic area kisspeptin neurons via serotonin type 2 receptor activation in female mice1. ReproductionPoster Session 3
P154JuanRoa RivasSex-biased dependence of puberty and fertility on microRNA biogenesis in Kiss1 neurons1. ReproductionPoster session 3
P155JacobShortNovel chimeric transcript of mouse Nsmf/Nelf may explain discrepant reports on mutations disrupting reproductive function1. ReproductionPoster Session 3
P156YavuzYavuzEffects of Manipulation of Hypothalamic Arcuate Nucleus Tyrosine Hydroxylase Neurons on Hedonic Food Intake2. BehaviourPoster Session 3
P157LoraMartucciNew regulation of oxytocin secretion by intracellular calcium stores: role of the endolysosomal two-pore channels2. BehaviourPoster Session 3
P158Simon JGuillotSleep and orexinergic pathway alterations in mice models of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis2. BehaviourPoster Session 3
P159NolwennAdamExposure to environmental doses of phthalates alters mouse maternal behavior and its underlying neural mechanisms2. BehaviourPoster Session 3
P160ElishaAb RashidOrexin and fear memory2. BehaviourPoster Session 3
P161AlanKaniaOxytocin signalling in the brainstem nucleus incertus – an arousal-promoting action of the ‘love hormone’2. BehaviourPoster Session 3
P162SzidóniaFarkasEffect of gonadectomy-induced hormone deprivation on the progress of Alzheimer’s disorder in 3xTg-AD mice2. BehaviourPoster Session 3
P163John ATadrossA single-cell spatially resolved atlas of the human hypothalamus3. MetabolismPoster Session 3
P164SophieBullerMetabolic and neuroendocrine adaptations to energy deficit require oligodendrocyte plasticity3. MetabolismPoster Session 3
P165ClaraSanchezEffect of lipid nature on microglial reactivity, neuroinflammation and cognitive disorders associated with obesity3. MetabolismPoster Session 3
P166AdrianCoutteau RoblesThe Hippo pathway: a candidate regulator of tanycyte neural stem cell properties?3. MetabolismPoster Session 3
P167ManonBarbotEffects of nutritional status on hypothalamic glial hemichannels activity3. MetabolismPoster Session 3
P168MarinaMartinsLeptin effects on caloric intake and neuropeptide expression of offspring from dams with metabolic impairments3. MetabolismPoster Session 3
P170SreekalaNampoothiriSexually-dimorphic cellular and transcriptomic heterogeneity in the median-eminence and periventricular region of the mediobasal hypothalamus3. MetabolismPoster Session 3
P171AriannaFozzatoManipulation of mitochondrial dynamics in brainstem astrocytes affects the metabolic profile of brown adipose tissue.3. MetabolismPoster Session 3
P172EmmaMcIlwraithThe saturated fat palmitate alters microRNA profiles of exosomes derived from hypothalamic NPY/AgRP-expressing mHypoE-46 cells3. MetabolismPoster Session 3
P173Maria SoledadAvendañoObesity induces central hypogonadism and metabolic comorbidities via miRNA-137/325 mediated repression of hypothalamic kisspeptin3. MetabolismPoster Session 3
P174NoamCohen RothschildEnhanced Growth in a Novel GH Transgenic Zebrafish Line3. MetabolismPoster Session 3
P175AdriennSzabóAbnormal hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis might influence the outcome of food-motivated learning tests in the 3xTg-AD mice3. MetabolismPoster Session 3
P176AndreeaConstantinescuTRH Neurons in Energy Homeostasis and Regulation of Brown Adipose Tissue3. MetabolismPoster Session 3
P177SilviaGiattiEffects of paroxetine withdrawal: focus on neurosteroidogenesis, gut steroidogenesis and microbiota.3. MetabolismPoster Session 3
P178GarronDoddTargeting the Hypothalamic Extracellular Matrix To Treat Metabolic Disease3. MetabolismPoster Session 3
P179SilviaDiviccaroSSRI and gut-microbiota-brain axis: effects of subchronic treatment with paroxetine in an experimental model3. MetabolismPoster Session 3
P180SoraiaMacariThe role of leptin in maxillary bone remodeling in the presence of chronic diseases3. MetabolismPoster Session 3
P181Bruno Alves MenezesLimaEVALUATION OF CANNABIDIOL FOR THE TREATMENT OF OBESITY3. MetabolismPoster Session 3
P182DuncanMacGregorModel predicted oxytocin spiking and secretion response to a high sugar gavage3. MetabolismPoster Session 3
P183BuddhamasKriengwatanaEarly life stress does not affect HPA activity of reproductive partners4. StressPoster Session 3
P184PeterDuncanCorticotroph Cell Plasticity in Chronic Stress and Recovery4. StressPoster Session 3
P186TamasFuzesiHypothalamic expression of threat and precaution4. StressPoster Session 3
P187Katarzyna AnnaDudekRole of endocannabinoid system in stress resilience and depression: a master regulator of neurovascular health4. StressPoster Session 3
P188GrantWeissRapid glucocorticoid feedback desensitization of HPA activation via regulation of CRH neuron alpha1 adrenoreceptor trafficking4. StressPoster Session 3
P189Eva M.G.VihoGlucocorticoid signalling in Angelman syndrome: insights from protein interactions and transcriptomics in the hippocampus.4. StressPoster Session 3
P190BenedettaBigioRole of childhood trauma and mitochondrial metabolism in antidepressant responses4. StressPoster Session 3
P191DuncanMacGregorModelling vasopressin synthesis and storage dynamics during prolonged osmotic challenge and recovery5. Fluid/sodium balancePoster Session 3
P192Marie-AzélieMoraliaImpact of gestational and lactational exposure to bisphenol A on seasonal functions in Djungarian hamsters6. Timing/CircadianPoster Session 3
P193Caio Fernando FerreiraCoelhoMelatonin drugs inhibit SARS-CoV-2 entry into the brain and virus-induced damage of cerebral small vessels6. Timing/CircadianPoster Session 3
P194HeatherWaddellLoss of Daily Phase Relations Identified by Multiomics Analyses in Acute Pancreatitis6. Timing/CircadianPoster Session 3
P195MilagrosPeña ZanoniPituitary activins as inhibitors of lactotroph function and lactotroph hyperplasia development7. NeurohypophysisPoster Session 3
P196MilagrosPeña ZanoniActRIC involvement in the control of normal lactotroph function and lactotroph hyperplasia development7. NeurohypophysisPoster Session 3
P197AndersFunkquistTau is elevated in primary hypothyroidism after treatment (L-thyroxine) and correlates with CSF/serum f-T4 ratio7. NeurohypophysisPoster Session 3
P199AndreaMessinaGnRH neuron molecular trajectories associate with distinct biological processes and genes controlling human reproduction8. DevelopmentPoster Session 3
P200AsamiOguro-AndoJAKMIP1 is involved in nuclear RNA transport in neurons and regulates cytokine signalling via STAT38. DevelopmentPoster Session 3
P210DanielOlazabalOxytocin and oxytocin receptors gene variants, early abuse, and depression symptoms in pregnant women.1. ReproductionPoster Session 3
P201PaniPapaioannouReal-time imaging of the tuberoinfundibular dopaminergic neuronal network dynamic throughout the female rat arcuate nucleus1. ReproductionPoster Session 4
P202PaulCrombCharacterization of a mouse model with tyrosine hydroxylase deleted from prolactin-receptor expressing neurons1. ReproductionPoster Session 4
P203MikeLudwigKisspeptin-10 and GnRH are potent stimulators of the reproductive axis in African lions (Panthera leo)1. ReproductionPoster Session 4
P204Nour El HoudaMimouniTransgenerational transmission of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS):A mystery almost solved by epigenetics?1. ReproductionPoster Session 4
P205MiklósSárváriDifferent estrogenic regulation of arcuate and preoptic kisspeptin neuron transcriptomes in ovariectomized mice1. ReproductionPoster Session 4
P206EllenWallPlasma gonadal steroid hormone levels across the mouse estrous cycle1. ReproductionPoster Session 4
P207SatoshiOhkuraAdministration of NKB into the arcuate nucleus accelerates the GnRH pulse generator activity in goats1. ReproductionPoster Session 4
P208RebeccaLordA novel leptin receptor mutation causes delayed puberty onset in mice1. ReproductionPoster Session 4
P209RossAndersonFunctional characterisation of hypothalamic G protein-coupled receptor three prime untranslated regions1. ReproductionPoster Session 4
P211PhilippaMelamedNon-coding RNAs and non-canonical structures in the regulation of Lhb transcription1. ReproductionPoster Session 4
P212BertaLevavi-sivanLH cells in tilapia pituitary comprise a gap-junction coupled functional syncytium1. ReproductionPoster Session 4
P214AlinaGajewskaCu-gonadoliberin (Cu-GnRH) complex activity in female rat anterior pituitary gland1. ReproductionPoster Session 4
P215MichelleBellinghamExposure to environmental chemicals during gestation: effects on offspring pituitary gland development1. ReproductionPoster Session 4
P216CeciliaPerdices LopezThe evolutionary conserved miRNA-137/325 regulates female puberty via coordinated repression of hypothalamic kisspeptin and neurokinin-B1. ReproductionPoster Session 4
P217HenriqueRodrigues VieiraBradykinin B2 receptor expression in kisspeptin cells is required for mice energy homeostasis1. ReproductionPoster Session 4
P218NazarHussainIntrinsic sex steroids positively regulate hypothalamic gonadotropin-inhibitory hormone expression in male rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta)1. ReproductionPoster Session 4
P219KatieDuckettPrevalence of loss-of-function Melanocortin 3 Receptor mutations in delayed puberty cohorts1. ReproductionPoster Session 4
P220ClaudioPerez-LeightonAn obesogenic environment modulates how central and systemic GLP1 regulate eating and body weight2. BehaviourPoster Session 4
P221ArpádDobolyiA parathyroid hormone 2-containing thalamo-preoptic pathway promotes social touch2. BehaviourPoster Session 4
P222RosieBrownA role for prolactin in reward and motivational aspects of maternal behaviour2. BehaviourPoster Session 4
P223PrasadDalviRole of Tanycytes in Individual and Social Behavior2. BehaviourPoster Session 4
P224JennyClarksonA prolactin-sensitive MPOA to VTA projection drives aspects of maternal behaviour2. BehaviourPoster Session 4
P225ElodieDesroziersPrenatal androgen exposure affects sexual and compulsive-like behaviours in male and female mice.2. BehaviourPoster Session 4
P226NadiraKhanEmployees’ Emotional Intelligence and its impact on Employee Performance and Job Satisfaction2. BehaviourPoster Session 4
P227CaroleROVERECCL5 signaling is a crucial support for high fat diet-induced obesity and type 2 diabetes3. MetabolismPoster Session 4
P228Marie-PierreMoisanExcess 11ß-HSD1 activity, up-regulated by high glucose concentration, contributes to memory deficits in juvenile diabetes3. MetabolismPoster Session 4
P229OdileViltartPhysical activity protects from hypothalamic neuroinflammation in a chronic food restriction mouse model3. MetabolismPoster Session 4
P230SimonLuckmanHabituation in a forebrain circuit leads to “hypoglycaemia-associated autonomic failure” in mice3. MetabolismPoster Session 4
P231SarahLockieTargeting central feeding circuits to improve outcomes in cancer cachexia3. MetabolismPoster Session 4
P232BredfordKerrHigh Fat-Low Carb diet induces neural plasticity-associated modifications and epigenetic changes in the hypothalamus.3. MetabolismPoster Session 4
P233RebeccaDumbellThe role of zinc finger homeobox-3 (ZFHX3) in energy balance and metabolism in mice3. MetabolismPoster Session 4
P234Beatrice MariaFilippiInsulin inhibits GABA neurones in the Dorsal Vagal Complex to control glucose metabolism3. MetabolismPoster Session 4
P235AlexanderTupsLeptin regulates glucose homeostasis via the canonical Wnt pathway3. MetabolismPoster Session 4
P236JoanneMURRAYThe role of pituitary melanocortin receptor 3 (MC3) in regulation of hormone output3. MetabolismPoster Session 4
P237HaesungYunChemerin/CMKLR1 axis is involved in the regulation of energy homeostasis and neuroinflammation in the hypothalamus3. MetabolismPoster Session 4
P238kevinibeas martinezCpt1a silencing in AgRP neurons improves physical performance via skeletal muscle remodeling3. MetabolismPoster Session 4
P239MichaelCowleyAmphetamine acting through the melanocortin system regulating metabolism and cardiovascular function.3. MetabolismPoster Session 4
P240NicolasRamozExpression of BDNF in Anorexia Nervosa mouse model, a biomarker of diagnostic and prognostic?3. MetabolismPoster Session 4
P241PabloBlanco Martinez de MorentinModulation of energy balance by GABAergic cells in the Nucleus of the Solitary Tract3. MetabolismPoster Session 4
P242StephanieKullmannHippocampal insulin action in response to sweet food cues is modulated by menstrual cycle3. MetabolismPoster Session 4
P243AlyceMcclellanA common loss-of-function canine MC3R variant delays puberty and reduces body weight and adiposity3. MetabolismPoster Session 4
P244Volkan AdemBilginEffects of Apelin on Hypothalamic AgRP Neurons in a Streptozotocin-induced Mouse Model for Diabetes3. MetabolismPoster Session 4
P245JeffDaviesThe impact of the 5:2 diet on Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis4. StressPoster Session 4
P247AdesinaArikaweL-Arginine supplementation effect on hormones in perimenopausal Sprague Dawley female rats following acute restraint stress4. StressPoster Session 4
P248LimeiZhangUltrastructural and molecular features of rodent brain Calyx-of-Held-like synaptogenesis: neuroendocrine contributions to the molecular logics4. StressPoster Session 4
P249DeyanaIvanovaAmygdala Urocortin3 efferents to the hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus control corticosterone and LH secretion in mice4. StressPoster Session 4
P251StephenBunnStress-induced prolactin signalling in the mouse adrenal gland4. StressPoster Session 4
P252LaurenIsaacsEffects of Endogenous Androgens in Attenuating Pain-induced Inflammation within the Hippocampus and Medial Prefrontal Cortex4. StressPoster Session 4
P253KateNicholsonThe effects of bisphenols on estradiol- and glucocorticoid-sensitive protein expression in female murine hippocampal neurons4. StressPoster Session 4
P254SukratSinhaModulation of Na+/K+ ATPase activity of rat brain synaptosome by Norepinepherine and Serotonin5. Fluid/sodium balancePoster Session 4
P255AmandaLavinyaCircadian rhythmicity of TERT in kisspeptin neurons of zebrafish habenula6. Timing/CircadianPoster Session 4
P256EderZavalaMathematical techniques for the analysis of dynamic hormone profiles6. Timing/CircadianPoster Session 4
P257JavierSternSCN-OVLT vascular portal system: In vivo determination of direction of blood flow6. Timing/CircadianPoster Session 4
P258AndersFunkquistCSF/serum f-T4, a valuable biomarker for cognitive symptoms of primary hypothyroidism, correlated to synapto-biomarker Neurogranin7. NeurohypophysisPoster Session 4
P259PreethiRajamannarOxytocin neurons regulate oscillatory blood flow in the neurohypophysis7. NeurohypophysisPoster Session 4
P261VioletaTrejo-revelesEffects of light in early life: mapping extra-retinal photoreceptors in the developing avian brain8. DevelopmentPoster Session 4
P262KiraFeighanImpacts of gestational bisphenol A exposure on adult hypothalamic neurogenesis8. DevelopmentPoster Session 4
P263AlexJohnstonGABA and glutamate are depolarising during development of the hypothalamic feeding circuits of Japanese quail8. DevelopmentPoster Session 4
P264HiraZubairHypothalamic gonadotropin-inhibitory hormone expression during pubertal development in the male rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta)8. DevelopmentPoster Session 4
P265RheaSubbaThe involvement of NRF2 in the brain of hyperglycemic zebrafish exposed to chronic unpredictable stress.4. StressPoster Session 4
P266SofiaKozhevnikovaDoes Maternal Vitamin D status Influence Offspring Brain Development through Inflammation Regulation?8. DevelopmentPoster Session 4









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