August 7-10, 2022. SEC Glasgow, Scotland.


Please Note: We are committed to providing all registrants with an excellent conference experience. While current circumstances may provide logistical challenges when considering conference travel, based on current information we look forward to ICN2022 as a face-to-face meeting. If this is not possible, the conference format will be adapted accordingly.

Programme Organising Committee

Program Chair

Prof Suzanne L Dickson, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Representative from LOC

Prof Neil Evans, University of Glasgow, UK

Australia/Asia Society

Dr Rebecca Campbell – Reproduction
Dr Chris Dayas – Stress
Prof Herbert Herzog– Metabolism

British Society

Prof Waljit Dhillo – Reproduction
Dr Kate Ellacott – Metabolism
Prof Marta Korbonits – Metabolism

China Society

Prof Xue-Qun Chen– Stress
Prof Lin Xu– Behaviour

European Region

Dr Julie Chowen – Metabolism
Prof Susanne La Fleur– Metabolism
Prof Gil Levkowitz – Behaviour
Prof Onno Meijer– Stress
Prof Inga Neumann – Behaviour
Prof Hubert Preissl – Metabolism

French Society

Dr Charlotte A Cornil– Reproduction
Prof Sakina Mhaouty-Kodja – Behaviour

Hungarian Group

Prof Árpád Dobolyi – Behaviour

Indian Society

Dr Balasubramanian Senthilkumaran– Reproduction

Japanese Society

Prof Hiroshi Arima – Metabolism
Prof Mayumi Nishi – Behaviour
Prof Yoichi Ueta– Stress

Nordic Region

Dr James McCutcheon– Behaviour

Pan American Society

Prof Stephanie Fulton – Behaviour
Dr Hanne Hoffmann – Behaviour
Prof James Herman – Stress
Prof Horacio de la Iglesia – Metabolism
Dr Teresa Morales – Stress
Dr Victor Navarro – Reproduction
Dr Mario Perello – Metabolism

Polish Group

Prof Krystyna Koziec– Metabolism

South Africa

Prof Bob Millar– Reproduction

South Mediterranean

Prof Roberto Cosimo Melcangi – Stress

Turkish Society

Prof Bayram Yılmaz– Reproduction









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Supporting Organisations